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"The Effort And Determination Of A Few Have Led To A Lifetime Of Hope For Many"

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Do you have questions about you child’s development?
Check out your child’s progress – if you have concerns please call today for a free screening in your home.

When you review the checklist, remember that each child develops at his or her own pace. The age listed on the checklist is the time when most children usually start the activity.
If your child is not doing one activity at the age listed, there is probably no need to be concerned. However, if your child is late in doing several activities, you should discuss it with your child’s doctor.

Usual Activities During...

    1 Month

Able to raise head from surface when lying on tummy.
Pays attention to someone’s face in his or her direct line of vision.
Moves arms and legs in energetic manner.
Likes to be held and rocked.
    9 Months

Says Ma-ma or Da-da.
Responds to name.
Can stand for a short time holding onto support.
Able to hit two objects together on his or her own.
Copies sounds.

    2 Months

Smiles and coos.
Rolls part way to side when lying on back.
Grunts and sighs.

    10 Months

Able to pull self up at side of crib or playpen.
Can drink from a cup when it is held.

    3 Months

Eyes follow a moving object.
Able to hold head erect.
Grasps objects when placed in his or her hand.

    11 Months

Can walk holding onto furniture or sides of crib or playpen.
Can find an object placed under another object.

    4 Months

Holds a rattle for an extended period of time.
Sits supported for short periods of time.
Laughs out loud.
Recognizes bottle and familiar faces.

    12 Months

Waves bye-bye.
Can walk with one hand held.
Says two words besides Ma-ma/Da-da.
Enjoys some solid foods.
Finger feeds self.
Likes to have an audience.
    6 Months

Turns over from back to stomach.
Turns toward sounds.
Sits with a little support (one hand bracing him/her).
Persistently reaches for objects out of his or her reach.
Listens to own voice.
Crows and squeals.
Reaches for and grasps objects and brings them to mouth.
Holds, sucks, bites cookie or cracker begins chewing.
Can transfer object from one hand to the other.
Can sit for a few minutes without support.
Pats and smiles at image in mirror.
Creeps (pulling body with arms and leg kicks).
Is shy at first with strangers.
    15 Months

Walks by self; stops creeping.
Shows wants by pointing and gestures.
Scribbles on paper after shown.
Begins using a spoon.
Cooperates with dressing.

    18 Months

Can build a tower with 3 blocks.
Likes to climb and take things apart.
Can say 6 words.
Tries to put on shoes.
Drinks from cup held in both hands.
Likes to help a parent.
    8 Months

Can sit steadily for about five minutes.
Crawls (on hands and knees).
Grasps things with thumb and first two fingers.
Likes to be near parent.
    2 Years

Able to run.
Walk up/down stairs using alternate feet.
Says at least 50 words.
Sometimes use 2-word sentences.
Points to objects in a book.

children of the rainbow
    3 Years

Can repeat 2 numbers in a row.
Knows his or her sex.
Dresses self except for buttoning.
Can copy a circle.
Can follow 2 commands of on, under, or behind (i.e., stand on the rug).
Knows most parts of the body.
Jumps lifting both feet off ground.
Can build tower with 9 blocks.

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Early Intervention Office Location:

PO box 869
22 Veterans Drive, Suite D

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