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24 Hour Community Integrated Living Arrangement

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Samantha Austin, DIRECTOR

Locations: 7 CILA Homes in Saline and White Counties


Mission Statement

To provide the developmentally disabled individual with a residential alternative enabling him/her to adapt in a home and family environment within a community setting by providing habilitation services within the home and community.

Admission Criteria

*Eighteen years or older
*Must have an identifiable mental disability based upon psychological report
*Must be in need of supported living arrangement
*Informed consent must be given by the individual or guardian to participate
*Medical examination must be available and in file
*The individual or guardian shall agree to participate in the development and implementation of the individual integrated services plan
*Referred and screened by PAS (SICCS)


*Medical and dental consultation *Case Management *Nutritional
*Skills of Daily Living/Independent living education *Transportation *Referral and follow-up for other ancillary services
*Recreation activities

Outcomes Expected

It is expected that the Community Residential Alternative program will provide a safe and attractive living arrangement, which provides training in skill in daily living in order to maximize independent living capabilities. It is also expected that individuals who reside within our CILA homes will have access to an array of support services and community integration activities.

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