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Supported Employment Program (SEP)

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Mission Statement

To provide supported employment services to agency consumers and community individuals referred by the Office of Rehabilitations Services in developing employment preparation skills and attitudes for seeking and securing employment.

Admission Criteria

*16 years or older or age appropriate as determined by the individuals IDT.
*Must have a long term vocational objective of SEP, competitive employment.
*Referred by Department Of Human Services/Office Of Rehabilitation Services or consumers IDT.


*Employment Preparation *Adult Education *Counseling
*Skills of Daily Living *Case Management *Job Development
*Job Coach *Placement and Follow-up

Individuals Served

*Unemployed *Job Retention Problems
*Vocational Development Problems *Developmentally Disabled

Outcomes Expected

The program will maximize ones potential for employment.
To provide services consistent with an individualís interests and abilities.
To obtain Supported Employment for each consumer.

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