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Early Intervention Office Location:

PO box 869
22 Veterans Drive, Suite D

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Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive and coordinated educational, health and social services to families of children under the age of three who exhibit developmental delays or have a medical/handicapping condition so that families may increase their understanding of their child in order for the child to function in the environment of choice.

Program Admission Criteria

    *Ages of newborn to three.
    *Residents of Saline, Gallatin, White, Hamilton, Pope, Hardin, Franklin and Williamson Counties in Illinois.
    *Authorization signed for consent to screen.
    *Exhibiting developmental delays or has a medical condition.
    *Authorization signed for release of pertinent medical information.


*Homebound programming and service delivery
*Developmental screening/Evaluation services
*Family education
*Transition services
*Service coordination
*Referral and follow-up for medical, dental and financial issues
*Lending library of toys, books, references, car seats, and limited adaptive equipment

Families Served

*The program services infants and toddlers from birth to three and their families who live in the counties we serve.
A combination of federal, state and local dollars is used to fund the Early Intervention system.

*Anyone may refer a child for screening, including parents, relatives, social workers, nurses, doctors, etc., by phoning. If the child has delays he/she will be referred to Child and Family Connections for further evaluations.

*Children that have a significant developmental delay, or have certain medical diagnosis, which have a high probability of developmental delay, should be referred to Child and Family Connections. CFC is the starting point for any child beginning possible Early Intervention services in the State of Illinois.

Outcomes Expected

*To provide comprehensive services to the child and family served.

*Completion of evaluation assessments and narrative returned to CFC within 4 working days.

*Screenings and community awareness. Locating children and completing screenings. Refer to CFC within 2 days if there are any problems or concerns.

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