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Developmental Training

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Rebecca McCoy, DIRECTOR

Developmental Training Locations:

PO Box 802

PO Box 396
(618) 378-2191

PO box 699
10155 HIGHWAY 13
(618) 269-4211

Mission Statement

To provide an individualized program in social, communication, basic self-care, and pre-vocational training to adults who are physically, emotionally and/or mentally disabled in order to improve that person’s learning potential and decrease dependency upon others for basic self-care and independent living needs.

Admission Criteria

    *Recommended by the IDT
    *Age appropriate as determined by the IDT


*Vocational Evaluation *Daily Living Skills *Transportation
*Referral and Follow-up * Behavior Modification * Recreational Activities
*Vision/Hearing Screenings *Crafts * Medical/Dental Referral
*Horticulture Therapy *Community Activities *Case Management
*Pre-Vocational Skills *Sub-ContractWork *Assistive Technology

Individuals Served

Intellectual Disability
Communication Problems
Socially Disabled
Physically Disabled
Developmentally Disabled
Grooming/Hygiene Problems
Behavior Problems

Outcomes Expected

It is expected that the Developmental Training Program will increase involvement/input and personal choice in all areas of programming. Individualized training is expected to increase independence and self-worth through support, training and opportunities for self-expression of interest and talents. The program will assist individuals served in developing independent and community development skills that will enable them to live and attend training/work, in a less restrictive environment.

The Developmental Training Program provides community service in the following areas:

Haunted Forest
Since 1993, the Developmental Training Program has sponsored this special community event one weekend in October at the Ridgway Park. In 2016 the Haunted Forest moved to the Fair Grounds in Harrisburg, IL. Consumers and staff prepare decorations, props, assist with decorating a floats for area parades, and set-up the park. Community volunteers and contributors also assist in this event. Proceeds help the agency to provide serves for our individuals. Other related activities include the Past to Present Festival, Town and Country Days Cake Walk, and a Haunted Forest Dinner. Please visit the haunted forest website!

Easter Bunny
During the past 12 years, the Developmental Training Program sponsors the Easter Bunny! A consumer volunteers each year and visits the local elementary schools, day care centers and the Easter Egg Hunt held at the Norris City Facility for Teddy Bear Daycare. A community volunteer and/or staff volunteer poses for photos at the Eldorado McDonalds. The bunny suit was purchased with Haunted Forest money by the suggestion of one of our consumers.

E.T.C.E.P. (Educational Technology and Conservation Exchange Program
A recycling program of empty ink jet and laser cartridges. The cartridges earn points that are accumulated, and then exchanged for computers for the classroom.

Southern Illinois Yellow Ribbon Campaign
Our shredded paper is contributed to this not for profit organization in packaging large boxes to be sent to our troops.

Consumers assist in seasonal decorating an Eldorado business.

AND did you know…

Our program has three facilities: Harrisburg, Norris City, Shawneetown.
Our program is designed to promote independence in daily living skills and provide life experiences?
Personal Choice/ Input is used in all areas of programming?
We have monthly client management meetings to discuss program needs and activities?
Our client focus council meets to review client management meetings minutes, discuss program concerns and plan special events?
Every year the program conducts a satisfaction survey?
We provide pre-vocational skills training?
Our Coleman Crafts include woodcrafts, tee shirts, and sweatshirts (photos too) and badges?
We have a greenhouse in Harrisburg Geneva’s Garden (named in recognition of board member Geneva Mitchell)?
Participation in Special Olympics is by personal choice?
We plan many community activities?
We have six month happenings and program update brochures?
Our Coleman Easter Bunny (one of our own consumers) visits local elementary schools, helps with an Easter Egg Hunt for the Norris City Teddy Bear Day Care and poses for photos at the Eldorado McDonalds and within our facility for photo tee shirts?
Our program is responsible for the Educational Technology and Conservation Exchange Program (E.T.C.E.P)? We collect spent (empty) ink jet and laser cartridges for local schools to exchange cartridges for computers for the classroom?
We support our troops by contributing shredded paper to SI Yellow Ribbon campaign?
We contribute shredded paper as a community service to a pet store located within the Marion Centre mall (Fish Tales)?
Our program decorates a float for the Popcorn Day Parade?
Our program sponsors the Popcorn Day Hospitality Tent?
Individuals served in the program assist with Haunted Forest decorations, park set up, and other Haunted Forest activities?
If you are interested in additional information, or becoming a volunteer please contact (618) 378-2191
Visit us at

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