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Cassandra Payne, DIRECTOR

Intermittent CILA/Bogard/Respite/Home Base Services

22 Veterans Drive, Suite C
P.O. Box 869

Mission Statement

To provide and/or secure intensive services, training, and support to persons who are developmentally disabled and their natural alternate families. This service may range from intermittent to continuous and is designed to promote the highest level of living in the least restrictive environment by fostering independence in daily living, economic self-sufficiency and integration into the community

Admission Criteria

Intermittent CILA

*Eighteen years or older
*Resident of counties served
*In need of supportive living arrangement
*Referred and screened by PAS

*Must be member of Bogard class.

Home Based

*Must be referred by IL-DHS

*In need of Respite Services.
*Any age level.
*Resident of counties served.


*Supervision *Life Skills Training *Personal Assistance
*Transportation * Family Education *24 hour on-call
*Future Planning *Referral/Follow-up *Financial Resource Assistance
*Case Management *Crisis Intervention *Social Service Resource Linkage

Individuals Served

Individuals meeting criteria of DHS for programs offered.

Outcomes Expected

It is expected that the residential support services will help maintain individuals in a community based setting and increase their independence through providing assistance in the services listed above.

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